Food and beverages

In the food industry, which comprises around 6000 companies in Germany, there is currently growth of almost 5% per year. German products are perceived to be of high quality and consumed at home and abroad.

There is intense competition in the subgroup of the beverage industry, which comprises over 1000 companies in Germany. The strong position of retailers, increasing automation and changing consumption habits lead to fiercer competition.

Our services

  • Soft drinks
  • granola / chocolate bar
  • Schokoriegel
  • Potato Chips
  • Sausages
  • and other

Project content

Due to the intense competition, a precise knowledge of the market and the market development is necessary in order to occupy, maintain or expand a strong market position.

In order to help you conquer the challenges in the competitive market, we offer a wide range of services, which include:

  • Identification of relevant trends for your company that can be used for product differentiation: e.g. Fairtrade, organic or regional products, healthy "wellness" products, "convenience" products that can be consumed “on the go”
  • Description, analysis and evaluation of potential new markets
  • Analysis of current scientific research - e.g. with regard to environmentally friendly packaging materials - in terms of their commercial potential
  • Identification, presentation and analysis of the most important markets (regional, national or international) 

Based on the analysis of the market situation, we derive tailor-made recommendations for your company

In order to gain and evaluate the relevant information, we contact industry experts, entrepreneurs, scientists and consumers.

For initial advice on your project, please call 030 80617882 or email.