In Germany, the manufacture and sale of furniture generates an annual turnover of 34 billion Euros. Manufacturing accounts for 24 billion Euros. The market is heavily dependent on the general economic situation and is growing at around 1% per year. The producer market is very fragmented. The retail sector is dominated by purchasing associations with high market power.

There is only slight growth in stationary retail. Online trade is growing faster. Developments in Augmented/Virtual-Reality are useful in that context which allow pieces of furniture to be placed virtually in your own room in order to make a purchase decision. There is a tendency towards multichannel solutions that take advantage of all sales channels.

Consumer habits change and make it necessary to adapt the furniture which is produced and offered. The proportion of single-person households is increasing, the home office is being used more frequently, people are moving more often and there is increasing demand for environmentally friendly products. Self-design solutions serve the desire for individualization. There is growth potential in the context of digitization and smart homes.


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Project content

In order to help you conquer the challenges in the competitive market, we offer a wide range of services, which include:

  • Identification, presentation and analysis of the most important competitors (regional, national or international)  
  • Description and analysis of potential new markets
  • Analysis and evaluation of possible sales channels and locations for production facilities
  • Identification of new – for instance more environmentally friendly - materials for furniture production and evaluation of their economic attractiveness
  • In order to assess the chances of success of potential new products we look at changes in the sales markets, at evolving trends and at the current and future market drivers.

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