Machine and plant engineering

The machine and plant engineering sector comprises 6,500 companies with over 1 million employees. They generate an annual turnover of 230 billion Euros. The industry recently achieved good annual growth rates of 4 to 5%.

Technological leadership and innovations are key elements to achieve a strong position in the market. Efficiency is also an important issue: A machine that can carry out the same processes as competing machines in a shorter time, in a smaller space, with less energy consumption, but with the same or higher quality, stands out. Efficiency is also achieved through modular designs: complex machines that consist of individual modules which can be combined in a variety of ways are extremely flexible.

Untapped market potential can be found in the field of services and when it comes to the optimization of the entire production chain. Digitization and the hunt for environmentally friendly solutions are also relevant in this industry.

Our service

  • Packaging machines
  • High pressure cleaning equipment
  • Roller bearing
  • CNC machines
  • Car washes
  • Sandblasting equipment
  • and other

Project content

In order to help you conquer the challenges in the competitive market, we offer a wide range of services, which include:

  • Identification, presentation and analysis of the most important competitors (regional, national or international)
  • Identification, description and analysis of potential new markets. With an export quota of almost 80% in mechanical engineering, the identification of international market potential is extremely relevant
  • In mechanical engineering, differentiation is largely based on quality and new technology: we review and analyze the current developments in technology and evaluate their economic use
  • In order to assess the chances of success of potential new products we look at changes in the sales markets, at evolving trends and at the current and future market drivers. For instance: What are the chances for compact low-budget machines, which reliably perform simple processes, in comparison to highly innovative special-purpose machines?

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