Automotive infotainment market and competitor analysis

4C Consumer Insight develops efficient, focused and with a standardized methods market data in the fields of interior design, furnishing and lifestyle, sports and leisure, industrial and manufacturing, municipal services, IT and communications technology. Currently a market analysis in the field of industry and production on "infotainment" has been completed successfully.


Command Infotainment System von Mercedes-Benz

  Fig: Command infotainment-System from Mercedes- Benz, E-Class , introduced as an option in 2003 , Credit: Wikimedia

The term "infotainment" was defined in an early stage of the project in terms of the categories of sound (radio, CD player, USB stick, etc.), the navigation unit (software and hardware) , the display (different sizes LCD screen, touch screen) and connectivity (mobile phone connection , voice control , traffic reports , vehicle-to -vehicle communication) . A general trend towards embedded systems is noted consisting of a control unit, hardware, display and operating panel.


Subsequently, the market is split up into the segments of cars, trucks and agricultural and forestry machine. For each segment the relevant competitors in the car infotainment market were determined. One significant regional producer has emerged over all segments. The shopping behavior can be described according to the phases of market demand, development and purchasing. Brands- and differentiation related elements of the car are mostly decided by the marketing department and not visible small parts from the procurement department.


The customized report contains statements concerning the market and the separately shown market segments to competitors and purchasing behavior based on car infotainment. This includes tables, graphs and photographs. Each statement is provided with a detailed indication of the source. In the final the relevant trade associations, trade shows, trade journals and research institutions are listed .


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