Consulting companies that are based in the Netherlands regarding their marketing activities on the German market is our comprehensive area of expertise. In the context of project management activities we identify cooperation partners and also integrate them into the project if necessary.

Our services

Markt- und Zielgruppenanalyse

  • Assessment of market opportunities
  • Identification of potential distribution partners or possibledirect customers
  • Methods:Desk research and expert discussions

Positioning of product and company

  • Formulation of unique selling points and positioning statement
  • Attuning brand name, sales documents andinternet presence to the German market
  • Our method of choice in capital goods marketing are one-on-one interviews. In the case of consumer goods we conduct one-on-one interviewsas well as group discussions

Target group analysis

  • Positioning of product and company
  • Collection of primary market information
  • Method: Desk research, face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews or online surveys

Press advertising

  • Attaining business contacts via press advertising
  • Development, budgeting and execution of mediaplans
  • Conception of advertisement design and copy as well as production of printed materials