Market analysis

Within a market analysis we investigate and determine all relevant information for our customers and offer you a neutral and objective assessment of the relevant market and an evaluation of your market opportunities.

Our services

  • Database queries
  • Expert interviews
  • Market research reports

Project contents

According to your tasks and questions we research the appropriate market data and talk with distinguished experts. Therefore, we use the appropriate company, market and media databases.

In particular, we are concerned with the market in terms of market volume and potentials, the development of prices and market trends. The competitive analysis includes the corporate strategies of the relevant competitors, technology, the product ranges and brand strategies. Searching for the buying decision makers and buying places belong to the buying behavior analysis.

Especially, we have experience in the engineering industry, automotive, household apparels, fashion and sport industry. Through our experience, we create methods in the short term on a number of other industries according to individual requirements.

After the market data is collected, we put together a clear, structured research report that includes tables, graphs and interpretations. And finally, we give recommendations to enter a given market.